Canadian Road Horse Association



Laurie resides in Woodstock, ON, with her husband, Kevin, and their daughter, Taylor. Laurie is the youngest daughter of Don and Joanne Heath and is another popular exhibitor who literally "grew up in the show ring" as she attended her first shows (Campbellford and Peterborough) -- and Sean Merritt's (who for the longest time was Moree's "son" according to Laurie) -- when she was just a few days old.

Laurie has a couple of highlights as well. It was quite a thrill for her (and especially the rest of the family) when she made it onto the front page of the Toronto Star when she was just a three-year old. She was pictured at Brampton Fair sitting in the road wagon holding onto the chestnut pair as well as just Lucky. (And if I ever get my basement and photos sorted out, it will be featured …) She also took Russ and Lois Teeple's rather large Clyde, Flash, into the pet show at Walkerton Fair when just around five and walked away with first prize for the largest pet.

Laurie carried on the family tradition of beginning her show career with the Junior Exhibitors of the Canadian Hackney Society. And once again, the Alderman family was there lending support, guidance, and even their winning Hackneys, Dolly and Emma (thanks, Jane)! Eventually Laurie moved onto road horses as well, along with Scott McLean, where she showed junior exhibitor until 1994 when it came time for her to "graduate" to the senior division.

Today, she is most often in the show ring with the Hackney ponies.

A graduate of Guelph University, these days, when not attending the shows or helping out in the barn, she is hard at work as a Vice President at Erie Thames Services in Ingersoll. Laurie is also the Past President of the Halton Agricultural Society -- home of the Milton Fall Fair. Laurie and Kevin welcomed Taylor on May 13, 2006, and Braeden William on August 26, 2009.

Laurie Palmer with her "other" love, Legs, at the
2003 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.
(Photo by Genevieve Kendell)