Canadian Road Horse Association


First Meeting - September 27, 1970

Approximately twenty ladies and gentlemen met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Lawrence in Brampton for the purpose of forming an Association of exhibitors, and others interested, who would show road horses in harness division at the fairs.

After considerable discussion and with the guidance of Douglas Palmer from the Canadian Standardbred Horse Society, it was moved by Sam Curly and seconded by Mrs. Pauline Armstrong that an Ontario Roadster Show Division Association be formed. This Association was to be affiliated with and supported by the Canadian Standardbred Horse Society. Carried.

Moved by John Sheridan and seconded by Ross Thomas that Leslie Lawrence be President for the coming year. Carried. Moved by Irwin Mewhinney and seconded by Pearl Lawrence that John Sheridan be Vice President. Carried. Moved by Mrs. Sam Curly and seconded by Pearl Lawrence that Moree Thomas be Secretary-Treasurer. Carried.

After some discussion, it was decided not to appoint directors in various regions at this time but to ask each exhibitor to try to attend the annual meetings of the fairboards within reasonable distance of their homes. The purpose was to let the fairboards know we are interested in promoting the roadster classes at their fairs. We would be willing to help arrange classes or offer assistance for future fairs.

It was moved by Pearl Lawrence and seconded by John Sheridan that we meet again at the Royal Winter Fair on Sunday, November 17 at 3:30 p.m. in a committee room to be arranged by Douglas Palmer. Carried.

Present rules set down in the Canadian Horse Show Association were then read by Moree Thomas. These rules were discussed to some extent as to the amendments and recommendations for changes. It was then moved by Douglas Palmer that a copy of these rules be sent to the Canadian Standardbred Horse Society and that a committee of the Ontario Roadster Show Division Association meet with them in December at their annual meeting to revise said rules and submit the revisions to the Canadian Horse Shows Association before publication of their rule book for 1971-72. Seconded by E. Armstrong. Carried.

Judges for Standardbred and Roadster Division classes were discussed. The method whereby a person may obtain a judge's card for C.H.S.A. rating was not condoned. The Secretary was asked to compile a list of judges with Senior Rating. This list of judges was to be carefully considered by the Standardbred Society and Roadster Division, revised if necessary, and then sent to the C.H.S.A. for entry in the rule book.

It was suggested that those persons showing Standardbreds in the Roadster Show Division become members of the Canadian Standardbred Horse Society for a fee of $1.00.

It was moved by E. Armstrong and seconded by I. Mewhinney that the meeting be adjourned. Carried. A social hour with lunch and coffee was then spent, after which John Sheridan thanked Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence for opening their home to us for this meeting.