Canadian Road Horse Association



Moree and Ross Thomas were the well deserved recipients of Hall of Fame honours in 2004. Ross’ initial interest in Road Horses began when he helped Cecil Stirling, and later on Wallace Munro. In 1963 he purchased a team from Ivan Cochrane, and thus began their Road Horse show career.

Moree was the first Secretary and Treasurer of the Association from 1970 to 1974, President in 1977-78 and then again as Treasurer beginning in 1992. She along with John Fullerton were also instrumental in the compilation of “Going for the Doctor” published by the CRHA in 1996.

While they enjoyed showing at fairs throughout Southern Ontario, they didn’t feel they had the quality of horse needed to show at the Royal Winter Fair. That changed in 1965 at Peterborough Fair. Ross drove Mr. Remlap for Ivan Cochrane and remarked as he came out of the ring how he would like to own that horse someday. That November the deal was made between Moree and Ivan for the Thomas’ to purchase Mr. Remlap. Remy paired with Mary Seal and driven by Ross were the first team to ever win 5 consecutive red ribbons at the Royal.

Individual success was also achieved when Mr. Remlap won the Wagon Stake at the Royal in 1973. In the years that followed Ross, Moree, their daughter Helen and partner Phil Austin and a string of helpers, mainly neighbour Sean Merritt for now over 30 years presented such fine road horses as Flaxen Duke, and The Black Horse, in both Canada and throughout the US, winning at Syracuse International and Pennsylvania National in Harrisburg. Their brown mare Looking for Trouble, also had considerable success on line, winning Grand Champion Mare on line at the Royal in 1995 as well as several times in the years that followed. “Trouble’s” offspring continue to be part of the Thomas family show string today.